Plan your financial future from the comfort of your own home.

Why go through all the trouble of dressing up to meet with your financial advisor? Instead, keep the process simple and efficient. Learn more about virtual advising below.

Tilly: A virtual financial planner performs the same tasks as a traditional face-to-face financial planner, only he or she interacts with you via phone, email, video conference, messaging, or however you prefer.

Tilly: Yes. Tilly provides a dedicated person as your planner and advisor. As a Tilly client you will also have direct access to a “Workflow Specialist” who will answer your immediate, administrative questions.

Tilly: The costs of managing a virtual advice is dramatically lower than managing face-to-face meetings.

Tilly: Let’s get right down to business and get this stuff DONE! We can meet you anytime Monday–Friday 8am to 9pm. Our meetings tend to be shorter and take place from the comfort of your own home. You can even wear your sweatsuits!
Tilly: There are multiple options including phone, face-to-face video conference, or email. Our most popular method is communicating by clicking a simple link on your computer and the meeting starts right up.
Tilly: No. Robo-advising mainly uses computers and algorithms to rebalance investment portfolios. They also offer individuals who can answer questions about investments. But robo-advisors do not conduct wide-ranging financial planning.
Tilly: No. You’ll only lose the in person aspect. Have you ever seen television advertisements where a financial advisor is attending your child’s graduation? Tilly doesn’t do that. This isn’t our place. Instead, we answer your financial questions with your best interests in mind all virtually.

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