Tilly’s mission is to drive down the cost of fiduciary advice and make it accessible to all Americans — not just the rich. So many Americans are sold high-cost financial products under the guise of “financial advice.” Here at Tilly, we wanted financial advice to become more like a doctor-patient relationship — except even more proactive. Doctors tell you what to do to remain healthy. You can either follow their directions or go get a second opinion.

Here is how Tilly works. Our clients pay $800 upfront and $200 each quarter thereafter, and in return, receive the following services:
  • A financial plan. It all begins with the creation of a document summarizing your current financial standing including investments, insurance, budgeting, retirement, debt, estate, and education planning. Tilly’s “Sprint Calendar” keeps everyone on task while the financial plan is being completed.
  • Financial planning software. As a Tilly client, you can view all of your accounts and investments through our tool, RightCapital. RightCapital is easy to use, has a mobile app, and generates helpful reports, all in one place.
  • Task management. Organized task lists get things done. Tilly maintains a task list in RightCapital, all in plain view. As each task is checked off, you move it to the “completed” list. That feels so good!
  • Asset allocation. During the financial planning process, we work with you to choose a model portfolio to help reach your goals. As markets change, Tilly recommends how to rebalance amounts invested in stocks, bonds, cash, and other investment types to remain on track.
  • Proactive suggestions. Once we review your financial situation, we will recommend ideas that will help you succeed.
  • Investigation of fees and costs to other providers. Fees and high costs are everywhere in the financial industry. When purchasing a financial product, such as a mutual fund or insurance, how do you know what is a reasonable cost and which costs are unnecessary or exorbitant? Tilly is dialed-in to show you where to shop around to ensure you don’t overpay.
  • Guidance for client questions. Malcom Forbes said, “The smart ones ask when they don’t know. And, sometimes when they do.” Investments, budgets, insurance, and various types of accounts (just to name a few) can be confusing. We encourage you to ask — and we will help you sort through the mud.
Here are a few additional things to know about Tilly:
  • Our meetings are held virtually. Meetings are concise and get right to the point — normally 30 minutes or less.
  • You maintain the same Tilly financial advisor to enhance the advisor’s understanding of your goals.
  • Tilly does not manage investments. You place your own stock, mutual fund, etc. trades, set up accounts, and so forth. Tilly does assist if you have questions navigating the process, however. Trading is infrequent and easy to do.
  • Tilly does not serve high-net worth clients. If your investable assets are greater than $2.5 million, we would be happy to recommend a suitable advisor for you.

There you go! I hope this explanation of Tilly provides you the confidence to get started today.