Tilly provides fee-only advice. Tilly charges a maximum of $625 per quarter, or 2% of assets under management, whichever is less.

Tilly: Let’s say you have $750,000 that we are helping you manage, then you’d pay us $625 each quarter, for a total for $2,500 per year.

Let’s say you have $75,000 that Tilly is helping you manage, then you’d pay us $375 each quarter, or $1,500 per year ($75,000 times 2% = $1,500).

The key to remember is that $625 per quarter, or $2,500 per year, is the most you’ll pay for using Tilly.

Tilly: That’s a very fair question. The process of managing money and providing advice is taxing — but by providing these services virtually, we’ve discovered a way to do that this is affordable. Keep in mind, most investment advisers charge WAY more, but don’t quote the fee in terms of dollars, but instead in terms of “percentages” which is why no one seems to notice. Would you like to know how much you pay today? If so, talk to Tilly!

Tilly: You get the services listed on How Tilly Works, which includes, but isn’t limited to, a dedicated personal financial adviser, asset custody at Schwab, trading, and much more.

Tilly: No way! Unlike many other brokers/advisers, we are only compensated by you. This is very important because we look out only for your best interests which saves you investment fees and charges.

Tilly: You won’t pay us any other fees, but, as is customary with fee-only advice, you will pay for direct fees associated with investing such as trading and mutual fund charges. But one of our jobs is to keep those fees low for you.

Tilly: No worries, we will still provide you the same holistic advice if your accounts are not with us at Tilly’s custody provider, Schwab. But we cannot trade securities on your behalf in those accounts.
Tilly: No, we do not charge for moving your assets from one account to another.
fee-only advice

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