Revolutionizing the way you work with a financial advisor.


At Tilly, we believe that financial advice should be affordable, accessible, and simple to manage. That’s why we are revolutionizing the way you work with an experienced financial advisor, saving our clients both money and hassle.

Our approach

If you currently are working with a traditional financial advisor, you likely are paying fees that are too high and navigating an advisory process that is unnecessarily complicated.

Tilly saves you money and headaches by providing financial advisory services virtually — meaning all of our client meetings are conducted online and via conference call. Your dedicated Tilly advisor will meet with you Monday through Friday at whatever time is convenient for you. Discussions are straightforward, using clear language that gets right to the point.

Planning for a secure financial future is a long-term process that requires a holistic approach. Factoring in variables such as portfolio diversification, risk tolerance, budgeting, and savings, Tilly strives to boost our clients’ financial confidence and savviness, helping them build a solid financial foundation that can flourish over time.

Our philosophy

Part of the reason that non-traditional investments are discouraged by most financial advisors is because they get paid based on what money they actively manage within their clients’ portfolios — and they manage mutual funds and liquid cash investments. Naturally, that creates a bias towards those investment types.

What’s more, there is no proof that these actively managed funds gain more return than passively managed funds — but they are far more expensive for the client.

At Tilly, we don’t work on commission or only base our fees by how much money you have. Instead, our clients simply pay an affordable flat fee for our financial advisory and management services, thus we have no investment-type biases.

Your investment options

We believe that most non-professional investors should opt for passive, low-cost index funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs), as opposed to the expensive, actively managed mutual funds pushed by many traditional financial advisors.

Purchasing individual stocks and bonds directly may be a good strategy for some investors, however for certain people, investments in real estate, small businesses, or precious metals may make sense for a small portion of their portfolio.

Tilly is not a “robo-advisor” because we don’t use algorithms to manage your portfolio. Instead, your dedicated advisor manages your overall financial picture in a comprehensive manner. Let the financial planning experts at Tilly help you determine what investment mix is best for your unique situation and goals. Get in touch.

Tilly’s guiding principles:

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