Today, we’re sharing how Tilly clients benefit from working with us. Clients pay only $800 per year and in exchange secure these vital services.

1. Experienced Financial Decision-Making: Do you have someone to help weigh if you should make a particular investment? Or if you should refinance your mortgage? Do you struggle deciding which mutual fund to buy? Do you have access to someone who can run various retirement savings scenarios? Are you dialed into the latest tax code changes? Tilly offers you access to a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ so you’re in the know!

2. Task Management: One of the biggest challenges managing money is just getting things done. If tasks aren’t handled, money is lost. For example, let’s say you need to roll over your former employer’s 401(k) plan into an IRA. However, like most of us, you kick the can down the road getting this completed. Weeks turn into months, months turn into years before you get it done, if ever. Meanwhile, your retirement savings aren’t being optimally managed. That’s where Tilly comes in. We maintain a list of your tasks online and nudge you along without being a pest. A bonus feature is that we also track completed tasks — providing you that satisfying feeling of accomplishment.

3. Tracking Your Net Worth and Optimal Asset Allocation: Tilly’s goal is to grow our clients’ net worth — and so we track it for you on a quarterly basis. Each quarter, we email our clients their statements of net worth and update any changes. On an annual basis, Tilly reviews your investments to make sure they are properly balanced to reach long-term goals. We evaluate equities, bonds, cash, etc. (asset allocation), and if your investments are out of balance, Tilly provides recommended trades to get you back where you need to be.

4. Big Mistake Avoidance: The average American estimates they waste around $1,819 per year due to their lack of financial knowledge, according to a 2022 survey from the National Financial Educators Council. This amount keeps rising each year. There are so many reasons for mistakes — such as not understanding the complex US tax codes, or overpaying for investment products. Tilly helps our clients avoid these mistakes.

5. Access to Money-Saving Financial Tips: Tilly provides our clients with many financial tips. For example, we’ve had several clients saving money at a bank earning 1% interest or less. We have shown them how they can invest their intermediate to long term cash in similar low-risk investments such as US government I-Bonds. The I-Bonds yield at least the rate of inflation, providing them much higher interest. Over a long period of time the added interest more than pays for the cost of Tilly.

6. Financial Counseling: When you need to make important financial decisions, it’s helpful to have access to someone who listens and understands your needs. That’s where Tilly steps in. Our CFPs understand your personal challenges and goals, which are important to you on an emotional basis. We help you remove the emotion and guide you to make good fact-based decisions without being overbearing with our advice.

7. Tips for Completing Complex Tasks: Tilly clients are do-it-yourselfers, but every now and then you may get stumped by financial forms and platforms that are difficult to complete. No worries, Tilly can provide a helpful hand. Tilly also helps our clients with questions about making trades on Schwab, Fidelity, MerrillEdge, employer 401k platforms, and others.

Tilly clients really do gain a big return on their $800 per year investment.

There are two types of return on investment (ROI): “hard” ROI and “soft” ROI. Hard ROI is calculatable. For example, if your savings account balance $30,000 and you earn 2% interest, you will earn $600 per year. If Tilly provides you advice that earns you 4% interest with the same or less risk, you will earn $1,200 per year. You extra $600 is hard ROI. Another example of hard ROI is the time we save our clients from having to conduct their own research. There are many other examples of Tilly providing clients with hard ROI – and we will cover those in another blog post.

When it comes to soft ROI, these are more difficult to quantify, but they are valuable. Examples include counseling our clients and the confidence we provide them knowing they have a second opinion with big financial matters.

I hope this post helps. If you’re interested in learning more about how Tilly can benefit you specifically, please let know. We’re happy to provide prospective clients a free, 30-minute session.